DK Timita's Maine Coon Cattery

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We are Lars & Rita Ebbesen and our son Tim, 19 years old.

We are a Fife & TICA registered cattery, and members of Katteklubben, TICA, Maine Coon Klubben and Viking-Cats


Rita Ebbesen
Strøby Bygade 72A, 4671 Strøby
Tlf: (+45) 56168101

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DK Timita is a serious Maine Coon Cattery, located on Stevns near Køge and 50 km. south of Copenhagen.
It is important for us, that our cats and kittens are healthy, and our main aim is to produce beautiful cats in show quality with the most wonderful temper, so they can become much loved pets.
Our cats are part of our family and can wander anywhere in our house, and our fenced garden.

All kittens leave with contract, Fifé Pedigree, microchip, health certificate, vaccinations papers, and a lifelong support will follow the cat.
Kittens 'only for pet' will be neuters before they leave us.
No kitten will be sold to be a single-cat!

If you're looking for a quality Maine Coon, don't hesitate to contact us.


Part of kittens playground

Part of the garden - no cat can get out, and no cats can get in.